Water Treatments

Drinking water is essential to life. We can survive a week or more without food but only days without water. There are many things to consider before drinking water from a non-municipal source. Foremost, is this water safe to drink?

That question can only be answered by having a state-certified laboratory test your water. At Arolo Company Pump & Well, we have state-certified treatment and distribution operators that can gather samples of your water directly from the well, after treatment, and from your sources inside the home or business. We will run several tests to determine the baseline properties of the water, how accepting it would be of treatment, and we can have a state-certified laboratory perform extensive testing for dangers such as bacteria, microbes, and radon.
Once we determine what is in your water, we work hard to get it out. Our goal is to provide safe, clean, clear water for whatever application you need.

Arolo Company Pump & Well is proud to employ certified Water Treatment Operators and Water Distribution Operators awarded certificates by the State of California Department of Public Health for the experience and knowledge of water treatment systems and ensuring that safe and potable water is served to California’s public water systems.
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Treatment Systems
Triple O (Ozone)
Microline (Reverse Osmosis)

Ultra Violet Light Systems
Trojan UV
Atlantic UV

Chemicals & Pumps
Grundfos (Digital Dosing)
Chem-Tech (Chemical Injection)
Cartridge Filters & Separators
Rusco (Sediment Filter)
Lakos (Sand Separator)
Miller Leaman (Filter)
Pentek (Filter)

Calcite & Multi-Media Filters
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